….shipwrecks happen. I’ve been watching a show called The Affair with my wife recently, about two people who leave their good spouses and good relationships and crash together in a twisted mess leaving tons of wreckage behind.  This has got me thinking on humanity, and the many mistakes people make and what drives people to do such things…. Tell me you haven’t looked at another person and thought “I think I could possibly fall in
Are Twelve Steppers Really That Judgemental or Just Plain Frustrated? I must admit that I’ve been doing this recovery thing for eighteen years, and while I had a several year hiatus from the rooms of twelve step meetings, I never stopped working on my spiritual, emotional, and mental growth and the relationship with my higher power.  I’d venture to say that I’ve been to close to 1500 meetings in my life.  I’ve also spoken at
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The sound of doors slamming in the distance, and the quick beep of horns signaling cars being unlocked woke me from my light sleep.  The air inside the laundry room was dry and dusty, and yet the old blankets and towels that I had piled together as a makeshift bed between a dryer and the wall smelled extremely musty.  I awoke wiping the sleep from my eyes and immediately wanting to light up a cigarette. 
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“The therapeutic effect of one addict helping another is without parallel” -Basic Text, Page 68 The therapeutic effect of one addict helping another IS without parallel, however this type of service towards one another should not ONLY be extended in times of sheer desperation.  Too many recovering addicts, it seems, forget the principles of fellowship, and lifting one another up.  Extending a hand to those in the same boat as us should be a principle
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On N. Luzerne St. the cool air cycles through the block like a whirlwind rattling your windows awakening you. You’ve got a bed sheet hanging over the window in an attempt to block the early morning sunlight, and a washrag stuffed down into the cracked wood just below the window sill to try to slow the wintry air from entering your bedroom. This is a bedroom that you share with your two younger brothers. The
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