We all need to find what works for us… Life should be lived to the fullest, but for some of us certain hours, days, weeks or even seasons are spent merely trying to survive the nightmare within our own minds and bodies.  We must find whatever coping mechanisms, or tricks to manage our inner turmoil.   Mine is anxiety and depression but mostly anxiety.  I thank God for my anxiety/panic disorder.  I don’t know why
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“We need to stop just pulling people from the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’ve been falling in.” -Desmond Tutu The river of addiction never stops flowing. Hundreds of thousands fall into it and are swept out at sea. There are hundreds of nets, platforms and resources set up at the mouth of the river to catch people before they are swept out at sea. However at the part of
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I’ve recently started my own clothing brand called “Evolve so hard”, and I’ve been on a kick about the word “Evolve” a lot lately.  This confuses some of my more religious people, because they scratch their heads and say “Wait I thought you were a spiritual man, you know that evolution goes against God, right?”.        First off, nothing is ever that black and white with me, and from everything I’ve read and
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So, I just took a quick long weekend trip to Key West Over the past few days. I never thought I was a fan of Key West. I had been there two times earlier in recovery and all I saw was drinking and debauchery everywhere. That’s what I always assimilated the island with. Now, another decade later, and I went back to the island and had an entirely different experience. This is because of a
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The back right tire catches some gravel on the shoulder, and starts to slide as I grab the steering wheel and try to pull the car back in line. The car swerves back and forth until finally gaining traction. The blue bandana around my head is drenched in sweat as my teeth clench tightly at the leather belt that is wrapped around my bicep. “Start me up” by The Rolling Stones is blaring out of
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