On N. Luzerne St. the cool air cycles through the block like a whirlwind rattling your windows awakening you. You’ve got a bed sheet hanging over the window in an attempt to block the early morning sunlight, and a washrag stuffed down into the cracked wood just below the window sill to try to slow the wintry air from entering your bedroom. This is a bedroom that you share with your two younger brothers. The
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July 27, 2019

The Fork Less Eaten From

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When You Write A Book Your Ultimate Dream Is To Get It Featured On The Ellen Or Oprah Show One Day, Or On International Newsstands. However, There’s A Certain Mold That You Must Fit Into In Order To Even Make That Dream A Reality…. It Was A Crossroads That I Had To Come To When I Wrote The Book. Do I Want To Tell My Whole Story Truthfully Exactly As It Happened Or Do I
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July 22, 2019

Fear & Babies

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Let’s Talk About This Pic Real Quick: This Picture Represents Overcoming Fear. This Is My Beautiful Niece-in-law (if that’s a word 😜). I Used To Be Terrified Of Babies, Not Only Holding Babies But Just Being In A Room With Them. Nooooooo, I Wasn’t Scared That I’d Want One. I Was Scared That I’d Hurt One. Babies To Me Represent Fragility, They Are The Most Delicate Things, And I Don’t Trust Myself When It Comes
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We all need to find what works for us… Life should be lived to the fullest, but for some of us certain hours, days, weeks or even seasons are spent merely trying to survive the nightmare within our own minds and bodies.  We must find whatever coping mechanisms, or tricks to manage our inner turmoil.   Mine is anxiety and depression but mostly anxiety.  I thank God for my anxiety/panic disorder.  I don’t know why
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May 20, 2019

That Bloody River

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“We need to stop just pulling people from the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’ve been falling in.” -Desmond Tutu The river of addiction never stops flowing. Hundreds of thousands fall into it and are swept out at sea. There are hundreds of nets, platforms and resources set up at the mouth of the river to catch people before they are swept out at sea. However at the part of
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