We’ve all been tempted by forbidden fruit at least a few times in our lives, and the mass majority of us have bitten into it and felt the repercussions of it.  Whether it was drugs, or theft, or gossip or adultery, there’s no doubt that there are temptations around every turn.  As a man, I often find myself looking around at other beautiful women at the gym, in the mall, or social media and wondering
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One of the biggest benefits of my recovery walk is to travel and explore the world, and share my hope with the people of it…. “Why don’t you do things locally?”, “Why are you worried about people in other countries when there’s so many people here that need help?” are questions that I often receive that make me wince inside. This question usually comes from people that are unaware of the work that myself and
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My body was found by two young men cutting behind a church at dawn the morning after Easter.  They were on their way to work when they found my body, cold and blue sprawled out on the back steps of a church in downtown Bel Air.  I had had a drug induced heart attack, and hypothermia and had been left there for dead.  I saw the guy that found my body about a year later
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Regret…….It’s a plague, that eats you from the inside out as you lay on your bunk in a jail dormitory with twenty other loud-mouthed stinking men almost coming to blows over who the hottest rapper is, or who sold the most drugs in the streets. It takes you to a deep seated miserable place in your soul as you look out of your lonely jail cell window at the sun hanging lazily over the horizon
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