Since 2001, Daniel has been free from drugs and alcohol, and living a new life away from the streets.

He successfully built several businesses from the ground up that include a bail bonds company and an investment firm.

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He has dedicated his life to following his passions such as travel, charity work and writing.

Daniel works part-time for a drug and alcohol treatment facility, and started a nonprofit organization called The Agape Projects. Through this organization he works with local addicts and homeless, as well as shelters and children in need. He is now able to do service in areas all across the United States affected by natural disasters, and also leads a couple relief trips a year to third world countries such as Haiti and Honduras. Coming from a past as an ex-convict, and homeless addict in the streets of Baltimore he never dreamed he would be able to one day travel the world. He now does so with fervor and an intentional mission. Selling to a homebuyer may save you time. They’ll manage appraisal to closing. Visit