April 14, 2019

Four speaking engagements in two weeks!? For me, that’s unheard of, but it’s happening now. See, I was the type of shy kid growing up that couldn’t talk to anyone I didn’t know very well, especially a female without being drunk. Get me drunk though and I’ll talk to a whole crowd about all kinds of shit. It made me a social Superman. When we step into recovery and change our lives we’re called to…

April 12, 2019

I’m here to tell you that within all my years of recovery I’ve never felt like I was treated “less than” for being a recovering addict. My personal approach is to be upfront and honest in almost every situation. That includes first dates, job interviews and any other situation where I think people may look at me differently if they found out on their own. For me, this has always worked out in my favor….

April 8, 2019

What’s the point of shedding our skin and emerging anew if we’re just going to come in contact with all the same things our old skin came in contact with? A second chance is more than a just a retry, it’s a blessing, and our gratitude should impel us to do everything in our power to try things differently given the opportunity. In order to fully change, you must kill off your own self completely….

March 29, 2019

Have you ever fell into a trance or serious day dream while driving and snapped out of it a mile or two down the road and then wondered how you managed to stay on the road without crashing? I know I have. Maybe I’m the only one? I’ll snap back into reality and my presence there in the car and wonder in amazement how I managed to stay in my lane when my mind clearly…

March 27, 2019

Age is nothing but a number. It’s such a cliché line that we’ve all heard a thousand times. It’s an easy way out when the numbers are stacked up against us, but it’s also the truth. Age is more of a mindset than it is a concrete figure. I’m 40 years old. In typical criminal, addict, thug, ticking time bomb fashion I didn’t think I’d ever see this age, let alone the decades leading up…