Live So Hard.

I’ve recently started my own clothing brand called “Evolve so hard”, and I’ve been on a kick about the word “Evolve” a lot lately.  This confuses some of my more religious people, because they scratch their heads and say “Wait I thought you were a spiritual man, you know that evolution goes against God, right?”.  

     First off, nothing is ever that black and white with me, and from everything I’ve read and understand, science and spirituality continue to support each other in spite of their polarities.  Now, as far as the theory of evolution itself as created by Charles Darwin, where we climbed out of the depths as fish that developed legs and then continued over millennia to evolve into primates and then finally man?  No, I don’t believe in that, that’s absurd.  I would believe we were aliens on this planet before I ever believed in something so utterly nonsensical.  However, thats just me and where my studies and experiences have led me today.  I’m always changing.
     This entire universe and everything in it is rapidly changing around us.  The energy in every cell in our body is vibrating, even as we sleep.  The earth is turning, the air is moving, and seasons are changing.  The worst thing that any of us can do is remain stagnant.  We must change with it.  As the old saying goes, “in every moment of every day we are either living a little or dying a little, we make the choice”.  Those of us who are choosing to live a little, are growing.  We are evolving.  Evolving simply means to move forward, to adapt for the better.  I feel like it is our calling to do so.  There are certain behaviors that go against evolving, and these are known as sin.  If we are living in anger, hatred, violence, jealousy, drug use, gossiping, stealing, etc we are not moving forward.  We are moving backwards or remaining stagnant.  It is a sin to stunt your own growth.  Life for me today is about evolution and helping the world around me evolve.
     I recently came across an acronym for the word H.O.P.E. and that is “Helping Other People Evolve”.  This is our duty as awakened souls, people in recovery, or just people who are moving in a positive direction who want to increase momentum and/or live in a better world to help others evolve.  It is no coincidence that the word EVOLVE contains the word LOVE within it.  We must share our EVOLution.
     Nothing in this world is concrete, and once I realize that, I’m able to evolve easier.  Because I am aware that everything is changing, I know that nothing I have now is permanent including my thoughts and opinions.  I know that everything I have today can be lost.  That rich man may be broke tomorrow, and that homeless person may be king. Everything is possible.  Don’t believe it?  Look at history.  The knowledge that I can lose or gain it all tomorrow is very humbling and allows us to move with humility and without our worst enemy holding us back:  our own ego.
     Our ego will have us under an illusion that this world revolves around us, and that we are who we are and the world needs to cater to it.  What I mean is this:  This present moment seems real as fuck right now, and it is….but to most of us, it feels real in a permanent sense….like this is who we are forever.  We don’t think about the fact that we won’t be this same person next year or even next month.  Opinions, morals, ideas, and beliefs change even faster than our physical bodies do.  In that sense, the permanence of who we are is not real.
     Once you start realizing that everything you’re doing and going through right now is only a phase that you’ll one day look back at and maybe even shake your head at, then you’ll be able to lose your ego.  The ego thats been holding you back from your own evolution, and you’ll also be able to enjoy life more because you’ll stop taking yourself so seriously.
     I type these words because I want others to evolve with me, I want this world to be a better, less hate filled place.  I want more people to stop taking themselves so seriously and at the same time realize their infinite potential.  I survived my own hell for a reason, and am a miracle.  This is NOT because of my own doing.  The only thing I can do to express my humble gratitude is to share, share, share.  I hope you enjoy.

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