The Fork Less Eaten From

When You Write A Book Your Ultimate Dream Is To Get It Featured On The Ellen Or Oprah Show One Day, Or On International Newsstands. However, There’s A Certain Mold That You Must Fit Into In Order To Even Make That Dream A Reality….

It Was A Crossroads That I Had To Come To When I Wrote The Book. Do I Want To Tell My Whole Story Truthfully Exactly As It Happened Or Do I Want To Increase My Chances For Popularity And Exposure? I Came To The Conclusion That I Was Given This Life, This Story And The Gift Of Writing For One Reason: To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth As I Perceived It.

I Knew That When I Mentioned God And Prayer Multiple Times Throughout The Book, Or When I Said That Jesus Christ Was My Idol, That It Would Automatically Disqualify Me From Popular Media. Likewise The Parts In The Book That Mention Race And Racial Situations, Or The Parts That Mention Corruption In Certain Government Institutions Are All Things That Would Also Disqualify Ne From Major Publicity. However, When I Find An Idol In A Man Like Jesus Christ, And I Have The Humility Of Being Spared From The Life That I Lived….I Have No Choice But To Share The Truth And My Story Exactly As It Happened.

And To Any Athiests/Other Religions….Here’s The Hit. You Can Take That Like How You Want It. Whether You Think The Bible Is A Book Of Fiction Or Non-Fiction You Have To Respect The Fact That Jesus Is My Idol, Just Like You Respect The Fact That Superman Is Someone Else’s Idol. I Yearn To Have His Fearlessness, Truth, Empathy, Love, Wisdom, Reserve, Humility, Etc.

With That Being Said, On The Flip Side, I Knew I Wouldn’t Get Much Support From The Church Or The Christian Community, Because They Too Wince At The Truth. In Order To Tell The Full Story, And For Others To Understand And Relate, I Had To Tell The Stories With The Same Intensity, And Sometimes Language That They Happened. This Reality Is Generally Ignored By Those In That Community.

It Was A Hard, Unpopular Decision, But I Know I Made The Right One, And In Spite Of The Lack Of Support From Any Of Those Institutions, My Heart Is Extremely Full. The Book Is Spreading Like Wildfire, It Is Touching And Helping People More Than I Ever Imagined And Every Bit Of Good Feedback Is Like A High In Itself. I Appreciate All Of You. I’ve Come To Terms That This Venture Will Never Bring Me Any Closer To Financial Security, However It Is Opening Doors To Serve My Divine Purpose…..

……And That, Is Ten Times Better!